Flexible pipe smartflex

Our smartflex technology is a complete system of multilayer pipes for the transfer of petroleum products, alcohols, alcohol-gasoline blends and biofuels

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About Smartflex

Main characteristics

Simple wall and double wall configuration
 Complete range of electrofusion accessories, single wall and double wall, mechanical and spigot transition accessories
 Real-time monitoring of the container
 Full range of entry and finishing boots
 High impact resistance
 Excellent corrosion resistance
 Excellent chemical resistance to hydrocarbons and saline, acid and alkaline solutions and environments
 Outstanding long-term resistance with pressure
 Minimum loss of cargo
 Resistance to abrasion
 Excellent resilience
 Wide range of tools and assembly equipment
 Technology with bar code to facilitate welding during installation, and thus allow full traceability

Main applications

The most common applications for SMARTFLEX pipes and accessories, both in the suction and impulsion installations, are the following:
 Road and motorway service stations
 Port and marine service stations
 Fuel distribution in airports
 Fuel storage tanks
 Connecting the generator to the fuel tanks
 Unleaded petrol 98
 Unleaded petrol 95
 95 unleaded petrol with 8 to 10% ethanol (SE95-E10)
 Diesel fuel without sulfur
 Diester diesel
 Combustile FOD
 CLAMC (heating fuel)
 Jet Fuel A
 Bio diesel
Diesel exhaust fuel (DEF)

Simple wall system

It is the pipe that carries fuel and is provided with a protective coating. It combines the excellent mechanical properties of HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) and the low permeability and high chemical resistance of an internal and / or external layer made of a material polymer suitable for the application. This inner layer (lining) guarantees the following: • A barrier impermeable to fuels
• Excellent wear resistance
• High resistance to long-term pressure
• Limited load loss

Double wall system

SMARTFLEX double-walled tubes for the transport of fuels, alcohols, alcohol-gasoline blends and biofuels. A DOUBLE wall pipe is a primary pipe encapsulated by a secondary pipe. In SMARTFLEX double-walled tubes, the secondary tube is not just a barrier of a real high-density polyethylene tube capable of sustaining the pressure or pressure drop of an automated monitoring system. This external pipe is also available with a barrier layer requested by standards (for example, UL) and by specific requests from customers. The advantages are the following:
• Excellent chemical resistance to alcohols, solvents, saline, acid and alkaline solutions
• High resistance to long-term pressure

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