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Our PetroFlex technology is a perfect flexible pipe solution for oil and gas lines, collection lines, water production and injection lines.

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Performance flexible PetroFlex pipe


The Petroflex is a durable and robust product. The high resistance thermoplastic in pipe grade used in the cover protects the fiber from the environment. The cover is highly resistant to cracking and will not dent, chip or flake under normal handling.
The Petroflex can be unrolled on rocks and rough terrain or can enter damaged pipes. The impact resistance of the Petroflex has been demonstrated by impact tests according to APl 15S RP at -20 ° C.


The shirt and the cover will not corrode. The external corrosion control of the Petroflex accessories is achieved by applying moisture-resistant Stopaq tape and internal corrosion control by standard wetting of the accessories. Additional control of corrosion via cathodic protection is an available option.


Petroflex will experience less erosion than steel in applications with aqueous sludge (ie, solid particles transported in a liquid) due to the elasticity and strength of the jacket material. However, a sufficient flow velocity must be maintained to prevent the solid particles from settling outside the carrier liquid.
Dry-mud applications (ie, solid particles transported by a gas) can cause excessive static electricity build-up or heating due to dry particles sliding across the surface. The Petroflex may not be suitable for dry mud applications.

UV protection

Petroflex adds a Black Carbon 13 stabilizer (CB13) to the roofing material during the extrusion process. The black, white and yellow cover options of Petroflex provide a minimum of 20 years of protection against UV exposure.

Radius of curvature

The minimum admissible bending radius of the Petroflex differs under operating (compressed) and transport / handling (uncompressed) conditions
Product range Minimum radius of curvature (on reel) Minimum radius of curvature (in field)
2 Inch 250 BAR 0,67 m 0,86 m
2 Inch 250 BAR 80C 0,67 m 0,86 m
3 Inch 250 BAR 0,87 m 1,06 m
3 Inch 250 BAR 80C 0,87 m 1,06 m
4 Inch 200 BAR 1,14 m 1,39 m
4 Inch 200 BAR 80C 1,14 m 1,39 m
5 Inch 190 BAR 1,45 m 1,69 m
5 Inch 190 BAR 80C 1,45 m 1,69 m
6 Inch 140 BAR 1,63 m 1,98 m
6 Inch 140 BAR 80C 1,63 m 1,98 m
8 Inch 100 BAR 1,63 m 1,98 m
8 Inch 100 BAR 80C 1,63 m 1,98 m

Note: The minimum radius does not apply to fittings / splices. These joints need to be kept straight to avoid concentration of load at the end of the fitting. Typically there should be no bends within 6 feet of an attachment.

Maximum pressure

Nominal size

2" 250 bar
3" 250 bar
4" 200 bar
5" 200 bar
6" 140 bar
8" 100 bar

Maximum operational temperature ALLOWED



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